Sunday, May 19, 2013

2 Years Post Surgery

This weekend marked my 2 year surgiversary.  I awoke on Saturday morning and realized that two years ago I was prepping for surgery.  A surgery that would forever change my life.  It is the way that my life has changed that took me by complete surprise. 
Here is a look back on this never ending journey.
I remember how I felt taking these pictures.  Ashamed, defeated, and hopeless.  I wanted to get healthy but I had run out of options.  These pictures when I was auditioning for The Biggest Loser.  I still didn't realize that God was preparing me for weight loss surgery. 
It all happened very fast.  From the time of our first consultation with the surgeon until the day of my surgery it was only about 6 weeks.  God provided the place, the exact procedure that would work for me, and the financial answer on how to accomplish it.  When the ball started rolling, it picked up steam very quickly.
I was skeptical to tell anyone, even family, that I was going to go through with this.  At first, I had to face my own demons and make the decision that I could forever change my relationship with food.  As I read back over some of the blogs I wrote in that first year, I am amazed at not only how strong my food addiction was but how faithful God was to bring me through each and every day. 
I never imagined that on my one year surgiversary that I would be over a hundred pounds lighter and PREGNANT! 
As of today, I am 110 pounds lighter and a whole new person.  I knew that the surgery would change my outside, but I never realize how it would completely change me inside.  God took my addiction to food and used it to draw me to Him.  No longer could I float through life as a casual Christian.  In order to draw on His strength, I had to replace food as my top priority and replace it with God.  Every day since, I have had to make the choice of what would be first.  It hasn't been easy and a lot of times is hasn't been pretty.  I stumbled, messed up, and sometimes crawled my way through.  But God has been consistent the entire time.  Here are my 2 year pictures. 

I have 20 pounds to go and these might be the hardest of the whole process.  I pray that God will give me the ability to finish this for His glory.  I know that I can never take credit for it.  

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